Feb. 6th, 2014

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Having the basic series plugin means that I can only put each post into one series. This may be something I change in the future, but for now I was wondering what would work best for certain collections. Some are relatively simple, as they’re set on one world, and any AUs or crossovers I can make a separate series, because I think this makes more sense that having them all the same. Others are more difficult, like the World Walkers and Fae World, as they’re set on a number of different worlds that all have their own timeline, which means I have a couple of options.

The World Walkers I can split into worlds or I leave it as it is and have all of the stories in one collection, although I will still have different ones for each AU I chose to write. Really I’m not certain this is as much a problem as the Fae World is, because each of the worlds do have a different timelines, while with the World Walkers they follow one, although events happen in each world at the same time.  Finally I might, when I get around to writing the stories, to have the different Donor Houses are separate series, but this is something that I’m using to make site navigation easier for my readers, so input would be really helpful.

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