Feb. 12th, 2014

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I am irritated. After all the issues I’ve been having trying to get everything to crosspost to LiveJournal they’ve made my journal read-only, with no warning and in the middle of me working on getting all my collections sorted out, so I’m waiting on a reply to see if they have a reason for me. This is making me think of leaving LiveJournal for good, because this is not the sort of thing I need happening when I’m busy doing something, and, honestly, the issues I’ve been having with at least every other post make everything so much more difficult than they should be, especially as crossposting to Dreamwidth is working fine. I don’t want to leave LiveJournal, even though I had a feeling it might be happening in the future, but if they don’t have a good reason for what they’ve done (why do I think it’s because I changed my name and that makes them believe that I’m stealing my own work), then I’m going have a single mirror on Dreamwidth, as I haven’t had any problems with them at all. Leaving will make things much simpler. I’ll have much less work to do to make the changes that need to be made if I only have one mirror site. I won’t need to pay for two rename tokens. Yet I know I have readers at LiveJournal that I don’t think are on Dreamwidth and that is an issue. I just don’t know… and I won’t have any idea until they get back to me.

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Well, thankfully, that is the issue with LiveJournal sorted. Apparently my account was flagged as a potential spam account, probably from where I was updating my posts to put the stories into their series and they kept, for some reason, showing as new posts. I don’t know why it does that, but it’s not something I can change, and that’s why I’m glad that this shouldn’t happen again. For the next few days I will be keeping an eye on things though, to see if I’m still having a problem with crossposting, before making my decision as to whether I am keeping the LiveJournal mirror.

I’ve gone back to seriesing my post and so far I’ve got all the stories from the Afterlife, Aurora’s World, The Brotherhood, and Kim’s Earth into order. The Donor House and the World Walkers are also in order, but I stopped a while ago because they weren’t showing in order. What I’ll do is go back to them later on, once I’ve done all of the other collections, which I’ll be trying to do as soon as possible, to make my fiction easy to read. Unfortunately that isn’t something I can do on either of the mirror sites and that means that you’re probably better off reading my work at the website.

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