Feb. 21st, 2014

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From now until the end of this month I’m after prompts about mysteries, enigmas, and that which has been lost. This can include lost people, lost places, lost races, lost histories, lost worlds, mysterious artifacts, unknown languages, something that’s been hidden that can’t be found (eg. the thing you put in a safe place but can never find again), and things that were lost that have been found. As always feel free to leave a random number prompt, or several, ranging from a single number to several together, which can be for a specific collection, character, or for a prompt – so you could give me something like 7, lost race, which could lead to the start of a very interesting AU. My aim, as always, is to write 500 words for every prompt, no matter how long it takes.

This month I’m going to be trying something new. Donations and links will buy time instead of words, which may mean you end up with more words than you would have done if I was sticking with the old way of doing things. Linking to the session or one of the stories I write for it will gain you an extra fifteen minutes of time on that particular prompt. Every £3 donated will get you half an hour, so if you donate £15 then I’ll work for 2 and a half hours on your prompt (although this probably won’t all be done at the same time). On a good day half an hour of work will lead to around a thousand words of fiction, although there have been days when you’d receive more and days when you’d receive less – it all depends on how easy the prompt is to write to. My top limit is £30 per prompt, not per prompter, so you can ask for more time on several prompts.

Perks this month are all dependent on how much I make. If I receive £10 in donations specifically for this session then I’ll add a list of perks to this post.

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