Mar. 1st, 2014

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For the next month all three and six month setting rentals and character adoptions are half price. Anyone who purchases a rental or adoption during this time will get another half price at the end of this period. This is something I do during all sales and there are no limits, so you can buy during this sale and get the following rental or adoption half price, and then do the same during the next one.

Story bundles are also half price, so if you were interested in one of these now would be the time to buy.

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February is, and always has been, my least favourite month of the year. I’m not entirely sure why, but nothing ever seems to go right. James’ birthday and our anniversary were bright points, even though we didn’t do anything particularly special for either of them due to work, while the low points were the car not passing the MOT, which we did expect, for reasons that have been more difficult to fix that we were anticipating and almost getting a ghostwriting job which I don’t think is happening now as I haven’t heard from the client in nearly two weeks. At the beginning of the month I also ended up picking up a cold that lost me some time, as well as suffering from inexplicable for a week that, thankfully, seems to have faded away now. Hopefully March will be better.

I did manage to make one of my more useful plugins work, which means that reading my collections is going to be much easier. This month I want to update the landing pages once more to show which stories I’m working on and which are complete, as well as the sponsorable stories page, because that’s really out of date at the moment. Really I should add the new fiction to it when I write it, rather than leaving it, but, like I’ve said before, the admin side of this is something I’m still not very good at. However having the plugin sorted will make things much simpler, so my aim is to keep everything up to date – or hire someone to do it for me (remember I pay in words and it makes working for me the easiest way to get more fiction, if that’s something you’re interested in).

The raffle didn’t go as well as I wanted it to, but as I’m experimenting to see when is the best time to run them this may be a sign that I shouldn’t run them at the beginning of the month. I did have a prompt session, at the end of the month instead of the middle, and it went much better than the raffle did, so that’s good. Everyone left interesting prompts that I might start working on tomorrow, depending on what happens. As it went so well I might have another at the end of March, although that depends on how many of the stories I write, especially as I do have others left from previous prompt sessions.

My focus this month will be the Afterlife and Deities’ World collections, so let me know if there are any stories you’d like to see. Last month I didn’t write as much for either collection as I was hoping to, but as they aren’t favourites sometimes it can be hard to find inspiration – and I did kind of feel like I was wasting time. If you would like to see any more of Kim’s World or the Inquisition please let me know, because if I know someone is reading then it gives me a reason to write.

The plan is also to go back to the bingo cards that I created. I want to try to post at least one bingo in March and I might make some new cards, because I like them, even though, compared to some of the other cards I’ve seen, there are quite simple. For those who are interested I’m also going to start posting some examples of adoption and rental stories – which I’ll be doing over the next six months. I need six characters and five settings for this, so if anyone has any preferences then let me know. I’ve got a couple of other ideas I might try to work with too.

Fiction posted:
The Case of the Counterfeit Enchantments: part 9, 66th continuation; part 9, 67th continuation; part 9, 68th continuation; part 9, 69th continuation; part 9, 70th continuation; part 9, 71st continuation; part 9, 72nd continuation; and part 9, 73rd continuation.
Free: Tamara: The Green Man (part 2); Lena: Saving Jake (part 2); Erin: Rescuing the Dragons (part 2); Iole: An Unexpected Journey; Orla: Running to North Square (part 6); Conall: Talking with Sophia (part 6); Estelle: Talking to Oria (part 2); Kate: Heading Home (part 2); Poppy: Waking Up (part 3); Chloe: Waking Up (part 5); Bethany: Waking Up (part 3); Skye: Stealing Shoes (part 3); Lauren: A Change of Ownership (part 3); Joel: Meeting Anna (part 3); Richard: The Apocalypse is Coming; Willow: Planning with George; Kate: Heading Home (part 3); Poppy: Waking Up (part 4); Bethany: Waking Up (part 4); Finn: Helping; Skye: Stealing Shoes (part 4); Finn: Helping (part 2); Lauren: A Change of Ownership (part 4); Richard: The Apocalypse is Coming (part 2); Willow: Planning with George (part 2); Piper: Wrong Place, Wrong Time; Dale: Taking Charge; Ciar: Saving a Life; Saraid: Living with the Floods; Andrew: Not Being Charlie; Sini: Meeting Riordan; Kim: Home Alone; John: Being A Two Spirit; Kate: Heading Home (part 4); Poppy: Waking Up (part 5); Bethany: Waking Up (part 5); and Finn: Helping (part 3).

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