Mar. 12th, 2014

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I was working on the wiki yesterday, because I realised quite how bad I was at describing characters and I wanted to give myself some time to think about that. My problem is that I don’t see characters in my head. They talk to me, but I don’t have an image of them that I can put into words, and when I do I find it one of the most difficult things for me to do is actual find the right words to describe them. Often I’ll find that a celebrity of some form will stand out to me as the character, which can make things simpler when it comes to actually knowing what they look like, but I still find putting those descriptions into words the hardest part of actually understanding the characters, so I’m not certain what my next step for that is going to be.

While I was working on the wiki I managed to create pages for all of the Gaeloms and the sentient worlds as characters, rather than just as worlds, but it showed me how much work I have to do for that collection, and the others, in order for me to have even a basic understanding of them. I always seem to start with a character, who comes to tell me their story, and then go from there, which then leads to me having to do a lot of learning about the worlds that those characters live on from there. Some of it those characters don’t know everything that I may need to know, so I have to go further back, which often leads to other characters asking me to tell their stories, and then I find that I need to go further back. It’s like with the World Walkers. I started that about Lucille. At that time I had no idea I’d have sentient worlds to deal with or that Gaelom was going to turn out to be an experiment that Athare and Emrys had put together just in case something happened to the Web. Even though I love finding these things out it does add to my workload. Of course then we also have the Fae World, which grew when I found out quite how connected it was to the World Walkers and how much happened on Kalinia that I don’t even know about yet. That’s something I want to explore.

Or someone else can. I have updated the fanfiction page to say that I am happy for other crowdfunders to crowdfund any stories/poems/artwork they create in my collections as long as they follow my rules. These rules are: let me know what you’re doing, let me at least link to the story or artwork once they’re done/sponsored or they can be posted here if that works better, and don’t charge less than me. Obviously this isn’t an issue with the art as I don’t do any of my own. Sadly that is not one of my skills. Unfortunately I haven’t yet got around to writing the trade page, but that’ll be completed by the end of the month.

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Stepping into the Donor House is a very strange experience. I know it as a hotel, but here it’s something very different, and I’m not entirely sure what to expect, even though I have written about both the place and people who live here before. Today I’m here to meet Alice, although she has told me that it’s likely I’ll end up meeting several more vampires and donors before I leave, because they’re all fascinated by me. We talked before I came, so she could remind me that I needed something white, which is a colour I don’t wear a lot of. Following their rules is important to me and I bought a white ribbon which is now tied around my wrist.

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