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This entry is part 16 of 30 in the Heliopath's World collection

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This entry is part 16 of 30 in the Heliopath's World collection

Their eyes met and Falcon was grateful that there was no pity in Lars’, because he didn’t want it. “Change, then, Falcon. Don’t let the people you say moulded you keep control. Now that you’re the leader of the Black Hollow you’re the one in control and there are plenty here who’re loyal to you, not to your father or grandfather.” Lars shrugged. “There are, of course, still people who are loyal to your father, but he took several of them with him when he left.”

“How do you know he left?”

“My father was one of the people your father took with him and, thankfully, I have a parent who treated me like an adult, rather than a pawn in his plans. He told me what was happening, told me to keep an eye on you, and then left, because he knew that your father was going to places he’d never get a chance to visit otherwise, especially if there is going to be another war. There are times when I wish he didn’t go. I don’t know if he’ll ever come back again.”

“Father promised me he would be back.”

“That’s a promise he might not be able to keep, Falcon.” Lars sighed. “I trust you to do the right thing when Kestrel and Ash get in contact with you, because if you don’t…”

Shaking his head he walked away and Falcon was left staring after him, wondering exactly what Lars knew. There had been times in the past that Lars had seemed to know more than he should, as though he could see into the future, but he’d never been that good at scrying. Falcon could remember the lessons they’d had together and how hard it had been for Lars to see anything in any way. He bit his lip, wishing that Lars had stayed so he could ask the questions he needed the answers to, but that was probably why he had walked away – it wasn’t unusual for Falcon to deal with his father doing exactly the same thing when he was in the middle of asking a question.

It took Falcon a moment to decide what he was going to do, because he’d expected to be with Lars for the rest of the afternoon as they planned the steps they were going to take to get Kestrel back if she didn’t manage to escape. Obviously that wasn’t important for some reason and Falcon hoped it wouldn’t be long before he found out why, as he hated not knowing things… and as he made his way back to his office he realised exactly how Kestrel must feel. They had always kept his sister in the dark, for her own good, even though she really should have been told what was going on long before she was kidnapped. Unfortunately he’d chosen to go along with their father’s plans and there was a chance that she would never forgive him for that, especially if she’d found out who Ash was.

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