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“The only person who knows is Aurora.” Opal bit her lip. “She’s the only person I trust enough to tell. Even before she saved my life I knew what she was doing, because she’s always been prepared to help anyone who needs it. I would never be able to do what she does, Haidar, I am so grateful that she does, as I wouldn’t have survived without her.”

“Would you like to know who Aurora is descended from?” Haidar asked, smiling. It took Opal a moment to decide and when she nodded she knew it was purely for Aurora. “Do you know much about Calix?”

“He killed his sister…” Opal trailed off. “What little I know about him I doubt is true. I studied him in school, because he was the first magic user to be executed, although they said he was executed for killing his sister.”

“I’m glad to hear you don’t believe what you were taught is true, as none of it is. Felicia bloomed on her eighteenth birthday, even though both her brothers were desperately hoping that she wouldn’t. The woman they both believed was most dangerous to them actually turned out to be on their side and she helped Felicia and Calix get to safety, along with some books she had found on magic, knowing that the time would come when they’d be destroyed, so she believed they would be better off in the mountains. Calix wasn’t executed, but the family made it known that he had been, which changed things. Before that there had been a delicate balance.

“Afterwards that was destroyed and other magic users tried to kill the King, believing that he’d executed his son because he had magic. They couldn’t be told the truth as it wouldn’t be long before one of the Kings who ruled the other kingdoms did something to make certain that Atecia’s King was doing the right thing. Unfortunately the attacks on the King led to more executions, which led to more attacks, and it was a terrible cycle that they knew they’d create if something did happen to Calix. In the mountains Calix and Felicia heard about what was happening, but they couldn’t do anything to stop it – no matter how much they hated it they’d known it was coming from the time they started their journey.

“Both Felicia and Calix made lives for themselves, even though they never thought they would. Felicia started a family first, having two daughters and a son, who all bloomed. Calix’s lover had three sons and two daughters, and two of them, a son and a daughter, were sent to his lover’s aunt after their eighteenth birthday because they didn’t bloom. Aurora is descended from Calix’s daughter on her father’s side. Honestly I don’t think they should have returned the children to Atecia, as they knew it was possible that their grandchildren might bloom, but they wanted the children who could live a real life to have that chance, which is something I can understand. Living in the mountains isn’t easy, although sometimes it does seem to me like those who are born there find it much simpler than those who travel there.”

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