Jan. 8th, 2014

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Afterlife: 31,616 (+3,164)
Aurora’s World: 21,434 (+3,705)
The Brotherhood: 22,973 (+2,060)
The Deities’ World: 11,403 (+1,520)
The Donor House: 201,969 (+68,496)
The Fae World: 129,158 (+2,058)
Heliopath’s World: 13,182 (no increase)
The Inquisition: 5,231 (no increase)
Kim’s Earth: 23,784 (+2,660)
The Magi: 11,118 (+2,517)
Pagan: 20,397 (+3,047)
Thear: 68,813 (+17,468, although this may include the non-canon work, so I’m probably looking at a lesser increase for this collection)
The World Walkers: 337,641 (+119,134)

Total: 901,764

Ghostwriting: 114,002

Words written between counts: 342,878

Even if I am looking at a lesser increase for Thear I have still reached my goal, in part thanks to my ghost writing job, although during those months I would have written more for my worlds if I wasn’t focusing on that instead. I did enjoy the ghostwriting, and am looking for more jobs, or extended commissions in any of my worlds. I’d like to write 300,000 words again, with my extended goal being 500,000, so if anyone would like to help with this (by plotting stories, purchasing commissions, or trading) then let me know.

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The beginning of 2014 is already beginning to make me believe that this year is going to be no better than last, sadly, as James is having trouble at work. I’ve mentioned James’ medical issues before and they’re something that he’s still suffering with now – there are good days and bad days, but he is normally in some level of discomfort, and often he comes home feeling worse than he did when he left, because he works in retail. Before this all started he could do pretty much anything they needed him to, which is why he started working the night shift in the first place. We were hoping they would be understanding of his issues, especially as he has returned to work even though he isn’t better, because they needed him. He’s one of the few people who is happy to work the night shift.

However, what they’re doing now is moving his shifts about, so he does one day shift on a Sunday (in order to make sure that they have a supervisor on every shift), even though he’s told them he can’t do it. Due to his body seeming to be fighting whatever it is that’s causing the problem, which neither the doctor or the specialist could find, he has been sleeping more, he’s lost weight, and he isn’t capable of doing the things he was when he was well. Yet that’s exactly what they want him to do. I don’t know his exact shifts, but when he came home this morning he was feeling bad, because he had more to do that normal – so I dread to think how he’s going to feel when he returns home Sunday, for his first afternoon shift since he went back to work.

So, unsurprisingly, he’s looking for another job. He’s been looking into apprenticeships, even though he’ll be 26 next birthday, because it’s something he didn’t get a chance to do when he left college. When we finished our A-levels he did actually want to go back to do a mechanics course, but his dad wanted him to get a job, so he could pay rent. Then we had to find a place to live in 2012 due to his dad’s issues, which meant he walked away from a job and accommodation (although, considering the circumstances, I think I would have done the same thing), and then last year, right when we were beginning to think about James’ future, how he was going to start fulfilling his dreams, he got ill. Due to having to take six months off he’s drained his savings (we were getting £86 a week in sick pay, which didn’t cover the rent) and that means we’re in a more difficult place than we would be, normally.

Which begins the year off wonderfully, really… more stress to go with the stress we were already dealing with. Thankfully, thanks to day care, I can help James more now, and I’m hoping that I’ll be able to earn some more here as well, because, honestly, ever little bit helps. £3 will buy us teabags and sugar, £10 will buy us at least three meals (this does depend a little on what we’re having – if it’s freezer food then probably more than three, but if it’s cooking food then three is about right), £80 is pretty much our entire shopping bill (again this depends on exactly what we need – when I next shop we’re going to need chicken), and if you double that then I can pay my half of the rent, use the money I get from daycare for food, and maybe even add a little in to make up for months when I’ve had less than half to be able to give James.

For me the beginning of the year has been good. I’ve already given James my half of the rent, I have a couple of dog walks to do, and I feel like I’m in a good place financially. That doesn’t mean the rest of the year is going to be so easy, so while things are going well I want to capitalise on that. I’ve changed the sponsor a collection page to show the slight increase in price, the prices for the adoptions and rentals aren’t changing at all (and I think I’m going to keep them that way, because I enjoy writing adoption and rental stories), and I’m working on getting the ebooks sorted. I’ve been writing more, so that’s good, but I want to be writing even more, if possible, so I’d really love to see some sponsorships or adoptions, and maybe some commissions. I still have story bundles available too, if they’re of interest.

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